From the Pastor’s Pen: Change

From the Pastor’s Pen…..


Never an easy word. It’s not something that many people like to deal with or even discuss for that matter. Some people, however, really love change.

I think we have an amazing church. Is it perfect? No. But are we healthy?

I would say yes. I was recently reading an article pertaining to trends that churches need to either break or avoid, if they want to survive and thrive in today’s culture. Please understand, I truly believe that you can be culturally relevant, without sacrificing the Gospel or the church’s integrity.

With those thoughts in mind, look at these, and be prayerful in regards to Port Caddo Baptist Church moving forward:

Entitlement – When the body begins to think “this is my church,” it will soon start operating outside the complete power and utter dependence on the rightful owner. It will then lose the Spirit’s power.

Energy – The lack of energy stagnates a church. This is not referring to worship. You can worship to your taste, but energy is a part of any movement of God. The church is the body of Christ. Don’t forget…our God is not dead…He’s alive! A church is revived and reenergized when it renews its vision.

Excitement – If you can’t get excited about the Gospel, you’re not looking at Christ close enough. When the people who regularly attend the church aren’t excited anymore, visitors aren’t likely to be either. When a body becomes comfortable, it often becomes complacent and it loses the excitement it once had. It is then no longer attractive to outsiders.

Engagement – The body needs all its members. When a few people do all the work, burnout is soon to follow. The church shouldn’t depend on paid staff to do all the work, nor should ministry be limited to those with a volunteer title of some sort. If assignments have to be made before people are freed to do the work of the church, over time, the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.

Efficiency – When programs are so structured that even God couldn’t introduce change, decline is imminent. Growing churches are always thinking how they can improve. The cliché is true, the message never changes, but the hearers do. Finding new ways to reach a changing culture with a Gospel that never changes is part of a growing church’s responsibility.

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